Monday, October 5, 2009


If you havent noticed I'm not very good at updating my Blog... Oh well! We started another year of school. I am still teaching but Colby is in his last semester!!! YEAH! Then who knows what will happen.

This summer Colby hiked to the top of Mt. Timp. He loved it. I was able to go hang out with my friends for a few days and we had so much fun! We went to Mesquite and Cedar City, and we went to Footloose at Tuachan.

Sheena had her baby! He is a doll! She named him Durham Bayles Callahan. We also went to This Is the Place Monument and to the Demolition Derby.

As for future plans, we are going home for fall break soon. I am going home for Thanksgiving and we are going to Texas for Christmas! Thats pretty much it! Here are some pics!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I really love my job. I love that I get all weekends, hollidays and summers off. But I have to be honest, I am BORED out of my mind!!! I have tried to find things to do but there is nothing. I dont have a house so I cant really work outside, which I love. Plus there are four million people around here and its annoying. So Im just complaining and if anyone can think of anything for me to do that would be GREAT! I want to go back home and work for my parents but Colby doesnt like it when Im gone.... oh well!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Thank you my darling husband for letting us go home for the weekend! We went camping with my family and some beautiful pics that we took. Colby thought he was spider man and tried to climb the tree. I really thought he was going to fall out but he didnt. I got my car really muddy for the first time EVER!!! It was freaking awesome! I loved it!!! I also got to go to the cemetery to see my grandparents graves and bring them some flowers. I miss them alot. It was way fun!!! ONLY FOUR DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOL!!!! YEAH!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let Me Clarify......

Unfortunately I have to make myself clear on some of the information in my last post. I am NOT pregnant, nor do I plan on becoming that way anytime soon. There have been a few people that were confused about the sentence that I am going to be an AUNT again..... Aunt, NOT mom. There is a big difference there. Sorry if I caused any problems. Hopefully next year around this time I will be making that announcement but dont plan on it before then!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


My blog is so boring. I need help making it cool.
Here is any update on us. I have one more month of my second year of teaching! YES! I love it when it get three months off and get paid for it. Im almost 24, I am an old lady. Colby has one more week until the semester is over and he is so happy to be done with is stats class. He just took the Border Patrol entrance exam so we will find out in a month or so what we have to do next. I didnt wreck our new car yet so thats good. We just visited with our Texas family in March and they are all doing so good and are so happy! Im going to be an aunt again, twice, but I cant tell you who or when or why....! Maybe soon I can. I cant wait to get out of Utah Valley, I know some people like it but I don't. This is an odd thing but I have been obsessed with listening to talk radio lately... I know its weird but I like to stay up on the times and listen to how some people (im not going to name names... yet) are trying to ruin our country, one small step at a time. I just spent part of my spring break in Blading. I helped my Brother clear land for his house, helped my parents paint and do other house projects and I scrapbooked alot with my sisters. I am hoping that soon I can find the time to make a cool blog like everyone else and actually post things more than every three months!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


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We bought a new car!! This isn't the exact picture of it but its pretty close. Its a 2008 Hyundai Sante Fe with a third row! Its way nice and LOVE it! Needless to say, we wont have very much money for a while.... a really long while. Thanks to Farley and Tina for telling us about their Hyundai and how much they loved it! And for bringing us the flier! This was a totally unexpected purchase but it is pretty good. But I will say as a warning to all of you out there that have never had a loan before, BE PREPARED! Your interest rate will be outrageous, but you have to start somewhere, right? Anyway, if you want a ride in my sweet car, just let me know!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! We were so lucky to get to go home for Christmas. I love home and I love Christmas and the combination of the two is pretty much the best thing ever.

We got there in time for our Christmas Eve party. We had the party at my parents house this year. We had dinner and gave white elephant gifts, played the paper bag game and read the Christmas story. Tanner got a little toilet plunger and Taren had a great time sticking it on his belly.

This is our Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Wiseman and Angels, its a little different from the normal story but it still works!

SANTA came to our party!!!!

THIS IS THE PAPER BAG GAME!! You put a paper bag on the floor and you have to pick it up with your mouth and the only thing that can touch the ground is your feet, the last person to do it is the winner! So obviously the little kids did way better than the adults but to everyones surprise, Dillon, who is 17 and way taller than me, won! It was hillarious!

On Saturday my entire family was home and we all went sledding together. We went up to the fourth reservoir and found some great hills. A couple of the hills had some jump off them and Colby and I went off of those. Colby made me go with him once and he landed right on top of me. We both have some pretty big bruises. My mom even went down once. Tyler and Ben crashed alot and still have a little road rash on their faces, but they loved it. Klea, Anthony and Colby had a contest to see who could go the farthest. Im not sure who won but they had a few accidents along the way and it was fun for the rest of us to watch.